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The Venues
San Francisco, California
from ~1960 to 1985

This page lists the Middle Eastern, Greek, Turkish, Spanish or Persian clubs that formed an important part of the community in the North Beach district of San Francisco during the 1960s to mid '80s. Many of the artists and owners moved around to different venues. Names we have listed here link to stories that will give you more information on each club. Each club name is linked to that club's own page with more information and hopefully photographs. You will find and image map further down the page that will allow you to roam the 3 blocks of Broadway near Columbus where most of the clubs were located.

We are always looking for additional information and memories of those who were there. Have we overlooked a club that you can recall? Please contact the editor if you would like to contribute to this ever growing oral (and written) history project.

The Barker
Illustration by Jan Dove

  • 12 Adler "Specs"
  • Bagdad
  • Casa Madrid -- another photo added- (9-2011)
  • Casbah
  • Chi Chi's  "an old-time Burlesque house" on Broadway, see Aziza. (more from Amina regarding ownership- "Miss Keiko who also owned a club in the Tenderloin")
  • Franciscos -presently the site of "The Garden of Eden"Aziza's column #3 . (more from Amina regarding ownership-"This club was also owned by Naji Baba. He also had a place on upper Grant Street.")
  • Finocchio's  
  • Hungry i -A very famous jazz and variety club, until the name was sold and the club became the Purple Onion. It was located on Columbus. Currently the name is attached to a strip club and now you will find it on Broadway. Many famous celebrities started their career's here, including: Barbara Streisand, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor. Owned by Enrico Banducci of Enrico's Restaurant
  • Gigi's - more ads found (9-2011)
  • Greek Taverna- Greek Club on Columbus, See Elaine's letter
    This venue needs a page now!
  • The Minerva- on Broadway?
  • Plaka Taverna? on Kearny?
  • Powell Station
  • Pasha's - location is really not quite in North Beach-- other side of the Broadway tunnel but many of the same entertainers worked there.
  • Plaka Taverna- Greek Club on Kearny- Vince and Naji worked there and maybe DeAnne
  • Vagabond - Vince
  • Omar Khayyam's

Click on club names above to go to more info on each venue.

Columbus and Broadway 1973 by Michael Holley


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