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North Beach Memories
12 Adler

  • Located- 12 Adler, It is a short alley off of Columbus, across from Vesuvio's and City Lights Book Store
    Now the street is renamed "Saroyan".
  • Owner/ Organizer- Frank owned the club.Or did Naji Baba Alash own this club?
    Yousef/Jamila/ Naji
    organized the Middle Eastern entertainment starting in 1961
  • Years Open-  1955-1963, see list of evolutions below!
  • Now Currently- in 2000- Specs
  • Interior Layout- Average bar layout below with an upper room accessable from the back of bar
  • Stories, quotes etc..Vince , Dahlena, Fadil

Text from Herb Caen article about Lisa-

"If you haven't seen a belly dancer do her stuff, run, don't walk to XII Adler Place where sultry beauty Lisa Guitant does an act that scorches the wallpaper, flips a sultan's fez. Oudi Hrant provides Middle Eastern music..."

Interesting text from list in above photo!

1850- two storey building erected
1855- Chinese Joss House- (Temple)
1906- Destroyed by earthquake and fire
1911- rebuilt as four storey building
1919-1933 Speakeasy
1937- Alaska Fisherman's social & political club
1941-1945 War years- servicemen's bar
1945-1948 Local Artists-Bohemians - seaman
1948-1954 Tommy's Gay Women's bar
1955-1963 Local Jazz trios- Mideastern music, Belly Dancing - nightclub
1963-1968 Vacant - Storeroom
1968- present- Specs

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