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552 Broadway, SF

  • Location--Broadway, next to the Condor almost at corner of Columbus
  • Owner/ Organizer- Steve and Ettie Gambino. Antioine introduced Middle Eastern theme
  • Years Open-Before 1960? pizza! In 1967, venue changed from ME theme to a strip club.
  • Now Currently- Broken up into various establishments including Big Al's Book Store? (sells mostly sex videos, dildos etc..) No -- "Roaring 20s"
  • Interior Layout-  Beautiful Chandelier, balcony,
  •  Stories, quotes etc.- Vince , Fadil, Dahlena
  • more info- "Port Said" added to name in 196?


Photo courtesy of Vince Delgado (who is playing drum)

Club list says: GIGI, Port Said, 552 Broadway; authenitc Harem belly dancers featuring Tania, Lemani, Kismet, Yasmin, and Aziza; opening Oct. 2: Leyla, direct from New York; closed Mondays.

Gigi's ad- Small text says:
Authentic Arabian Band with Middle Eastern Harem Dancers.
Continuous Nightly
552 Broadway,
YU 1-6366

1964 Gigi's ad

1962 or 63, Fadil playing at Gigi's with Asghar Azarvand, Hoshang Moadelli, and Ali Azadan.
Photo courtesy of Fadil Shahin
Samia in Gigi's ad
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