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North Beach Memories
The Casa Madrid

  • located- 406 Broadway (On the north side, toward Montgomery )
  • Owner/ Organizer-Cruz Luna and family, presenting primarily Flamenco shows with occasional Middle Eastern entertainment after hours
  • Years Open-1960-?
  • Now Currently-became "The Stone", a major Rock and Roll venue,
    then "Boy Toys" -rumored to be owned by Madonna, now "Showgirls"
  • Interior Layout
  •  Stories, quotes etc.- Bert, Aziza , Mary Ellen
  • info yet to format and incorporate- 1960 Cruz Luna opened Casa Madrid and featured a flamenco show with Rosa Montoya, her partner Ciro and guitarist Adonis Puertas, all gypsies from Spain.
    (SFEC,10/26/97, DB p.41) from http://timelines.ws/cities/SF_D_1960_1969.HTML
Casa Madrid 1964
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