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North Beach Memories
The Casbah

  • located- 467 Broadway
  • Owner/ Organizer-Fadil Shahin sold to Sam Conti, of the Deja Vu Corp, became involved somewhere and in 2001, it was traded to Sam and Max Young
  • Years Open- 1969-April 1984
  • Now Currently-the venue with same name, and different owner, became a strip club, but is now closed
  • Interior Layout-Raised stage for musicians and dancer , audience seating to edge of stage, cocktail tables, bar with seating, heavy curtain at doorway, dressing room was on the main floor, back in the corner. NEW CHANGES! see photos below
  • Stories, quotes etc..- Fadil, Najia, Amina, Kirk


Najia accompanied by Fadil

Anzelle dances at the Casbah
Anisa with Mohammed Murray on oud (or maybe Fadil) and Nazir on drums

Rashida, Isam and Anisa

~1999 ad for the Casbah

Old photo of the Casbah
with George the Barker,
notice the sign for the Bagdad in background

1999- Notice the bellydancer cutouts are still high on the building. Though now, the dancers are definately not bellydancers

The gutted interior of the old Casbah
August 2001- The Casbah has been gutted!
Unconfirmed rumour has it that the old Bagdad , Casbah and the club between are being united to form one dance club and should be ready for the public in 6-7 months. Max and Sam Young of Maximum Productions, the new owners, appear to be successful at setting up hip theme clubs. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they picked an Arabian theme!

The end of the space closests to the street has a pit. This construction worker just climbed down the red ladder. More rumours say that there are many tunnels under the old clubs on Broadway that connect the different buisnesses. They were suppose to be a secret place for people to drink during the prohibition. Hopefully we will have more on that soon.

The purple building was the Casbah and the red building was the Bagdad and now is the Bamboo Hut. The dumpster contents appear to be just construction garbage. Attempts are still being made to see if there is any memorabilia salvaged from the Casbah.

Just another photo angle. The shop manager in the XXX store sure was shocked when I came in there to ask him questions!

Here is Franco crossing the street. He is a cool long time "North Beacher" that owns Little Joe's, just a block down from the Casbah and Bagdad. If you are in town be sure to patronize his place. He has great Italian food and great stories too! That red Thunderbird in front is his also.
Hopefully we will get his story one of these days! He says his place used to connect to the Greek Taverna around the corner!

Haroun and Fadil at the Casbah, contribute by Elaine
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