The Gilded Serpent presents
North Beach Memories
The Bagdad

  • located- 479 Broadway (2 doors down from Casbah)
  • Owner/ Organizer-Yousef Kouyounjian and Jamilla Salimpour and then George Elias and Arousiak
  • Years Open- 1964-Oct 1984? 
  • Now Currently- Chinese restaurant/bar called the Bamboo Hut.
  • Interior Layout - see photos below
  • Stories, quotes etc-  Amina, Aziza, Dahlena, Fadil, Vince Samia, and more!


Inside the Bagdad

Interior of Bagdad. Bar surrounds edge of stage. Musicinas seated on stage. Bar is by the door to the front of club.
Bagdad Marquee

Bagdad is barely visiable in back of photo.
Casbah is in foreground and a Jazz club was between.

Bagdad dressing room
Bagdad dressing room upstairs.
Notice very low ceiling!
San Francisco Examiner mentions Samia Nasser and The Bagdad
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