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North Beach Memories

  • located- 506 Broadway
  • Owner/ Organizer- Mrs. Finnochio #1 until 1950's then Eve Finnochio (wife #2). This venue provided entertainment that was primarily a female impersonator or vaudville show which occasionally used a belly dancer
  • Years Open-Closed after 63 years on 11-27-99
  • Now Currently- Now Tony Serra's Law office- a "Bellydance lawyer" also presides and this spot today.
  • Interior Layout-Cabaret Club, Tabled seating, elevated at back of room, Stage in center with raised level and curtains behind
  •  Stories, quotes etc.- John Compton, Shamira  
  • info yet to format and incorporate-another site with more info http://members.tgforum.com/dealba2/david5a.htm


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