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Our Submission Guidelines
& Editorial Policies

Gilded Serpent welcomes submission of materials concerning all forms of Middle Eastern music and dance
from all the facets of our colorful and diverse community!
By submitting your materials to Gilded Serpent you are accepting the following standards:

1) Submit your unpublished articles only! On occasion, GS may republished material that is no longer available elsewhere as a service to the music and dance community. We do not publish articles that are already available on your own (or any other) site! Your article will remain on our site as long as GS exists because it is our intent is to make it readily available to the public through our archives. It is more prestigious for you to link from your site to the page where GS has presented your work on this highly visible media site. If for any reason your article is republished elsewhere, Gilded Serpent must be notified and credited: "Previously published on on mo/dy/yr (and linked if on a website)." If your article appears in a printed source, please send a copy of that issue to our offices at P.O. Box 39, Fairfax, CA 94978.

2) Articles and reviews must be entertaining even while educating or discussing a serious subject. Keep your point in focus. Please submit only your final draft for proofing and editing.

3)Length of submissions should be no longer than approximately 3 pages. GS may present longer articles in more than one installment. All articles remain accessible in our archives permanently.

4) Limit self-serving plugs.
Use your "Bio Page" (see below) to promote yourself, your event, or your website and not the article itself. If you must mention an event in your article, it must relate to the subject of the article. Just make a simple statement. GS will provide a link to your site on your own bio page with your submission.

5) Submitting news? Great! We want it! Please make a distinction between news and promotion of yourself or an event. Promotion is not news and you should post it on our self-serve Events Calendar. If you want more promotion, we invite you to buy an advertisement. Please call us and we will be happy to assist you in composing an effective ad!

6) GS wants your graphics and photos! Even if you are not submitting an article, it is very helpful for us to have a stock of graphics from which to illustrate a variety of material that may appear on Gilded Serpent.GS will ad your personal publicity photos or any other graphics that you are willing to share to our store of resources. Please note that we want to credit your photographer also, whenever possible.

7) Copyright issues---GS has posted a notice on our front page as follows:

Gilded Serpent is an online resource in magazine format for Middle Eastern music, dance, and bellydance. All work copyright 1998-2014 by Gilded Serpent, LLC. Gilded Serpent is published by Snake's Kin Studio, which has been on the web since 1994. Reproduction in whole or part of any text, article, photograph, graphic, artwork or illustration without advanced written permission is strictly prohibited.

Please discuss with the editor any of your concerns about copyright issues.

8) For your "Bio-page", please send a biography and portrait photo of yourself, along with your piece. As a gratuity to the contributor and authentication for the reader/researcher, each contributor will be represented by a "Bio-page." This is a page linked to your byline and your name anytime it is mentioned anywhere on Gilded Serpent. On your "Bio-page", you can promote yourself and link to your own web site. This "Bio-page" will also be preserved along with your article on our site permanently. For the purposes of documentation and as additional navigation, a master listing of your articles on Gilded Serpent will be listed on your "Bio-page". Please include a current biography of around 500 words, a separate portrait of yourself (with photo credit), and any links you would like on your biopage at the same time that you submit your article.

9) Remember, our Editorial Board has the final say!

We appreciate and thank you for your support!
Gilded Serpent
PO Box 39, Fairfax, CA 94960, USA

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Tips for Writing a Critical Review
Tips for Writing an Article for Gilded Serpent
Product Submission Guidelines and Form

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