Volunteer Opportunities
at Gilded Serpent

Many of the tasks listed can be done on your own computer, some may need a meeting on the phone or exchange of materials.
There are also varying levels of commitment and privacy needs. We appreciate all levels of support!

Design- we desperately need redesign in a few area! Ideas or examples of graphics would be very helpful (9-2011).

Redesign of History Site- North Beach Memories
Gilded Serpent is community site for Middle Eastern music and dance including bellydance. This particular section of our site is attempting to collect history for a specific neighborhood in San Francisco between 1960 and 1985. This is North Beach and has many layers of history surrounding the history we are focusing on. Barbary coast, red light district, gold rush, Italian and Chinese organized crime, numerous waves of immigration.This is a very colorful area. We started collection interviews, photos and other information in 1999. We need a new look that incorporates all these layers of history as well as Middle Eastern.

Initial Design for another history section- Los Angeles/ Hollywood -"The Golden Age of Tinseltown"

  • Similar needs as above section on North Beach, must have a different flavor- palm trees, hollywood, beaches, etc
  • Immediate need is for welcome page with list of articles already on site.

Other history areas planned also for - Boston, NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, etc

Coding- Gilded Serpent is in the process of converting from tables based design to all CSS and Wordpress. We have 1000s of pages that need work. Please let us know if you are interested in helping. CSS files and templates already exist for old articles. New articles are all posted through Wordpress.

Copy Editors
We always need help with proofing articles for publication on Gilded Serpent. If you would like to help, start by reading our Submission Guidelines and all the attached pages such as the FAQs. Then send the editor a note. You can see some of the articles that are in queue by looking at the list at the bottom of our front page.

Illustrating articles, making backgrounds, prepping photos.

Writers, Reporters and, especially, Reviewers!
Conduct interviews, write articles, be brave and honest - review products and shows, including those older albums on obscure record labels, or something you just rediscovered in your collection. We almost always have a stack of products waiting to be reviewed by the right person. Please take the first step by reading our submission guidelines and tips for reviewers.
Here is a fun page off-site with suggestions for interviews

Models for Illustrations
Do you have a camera or web cam? Sometimes an article will call for a model enacting a certain activity. Below are articles where I have asked friends to pose for the purpose of the story. I can't always use the same people.

It would be very helpful to have a list of people who I can email quickly and see who can provide the photo needed. Send me your contact info if you are interested. Your name will be in the caption.

Do you speak another language other than English? We have material coming in from around the world now. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

General Aid
Keep us up to date on developments in our community, out of date listings on our Calendar pages , etc.

List makers- example- what articles on Gilded Serpent would you recommend for your beginning student, for your new pro? Costuming? etc. We need help collecting a list of each author's articles on Gilded Serpent to place at the bottom of their bio page. Make a list of broken links that we need to fix on Gilded Serpent. This will give readers yet another way to find articles that they are looking for in our ever growing source of information (<1000 articles in our archives). We need help with a page we have started here.

Wish List:
As Gilded Serpent grows to over 1000 articles over more than 10 years we are starting to notice gaps in the information we have. We try to link to other information within articles if possible. At this point we are still missing features on the "big names" such as Sohair Zeki, and Nagwa Fuoad. We have some material on the Egyptian stars that currently touring but not feature articles on why they are so important, such as :Fifi Abdu. We also need features on the stars from other Middle Eastern Countries. Styles of dance also has gaps in places. If you are interested in helping out with this much needed area, do a search in our search box on the front page and see what you find in an area that you would be willing to help fill in. These types of articles are also great publicity for you and feature you as the expert in that area. We link to those articles continueously so that publicity will continue for you over the years. We also appreciate it very much!

We need someone to help keep an eye on certain areas such as our self-posting calendar

Place a link to Gilded Serpent on your Web site.
Right click on this graphic and save it to your web site graphics folder. Insert it on your site as close to the top as you are willing. Link the button to our front page- http://www.gildedserpent.com . (other graphics also available)

Here are a few article topics suggested by our readers

  • Common business practices in our community to examine
  • Scheduling events- how close is too close?
  • Bootlegging tapes- Is it ever okay?
  • Non compete agreements
  • Mimicking your competitors ideas
  • Controlling your student cliental or realistic expectations of loyalty.

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