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Gilded Serpent presents...
Hafla at the Hoover
featuring Morocco

February 10, 2008, Hoover Theatre in San Jose, CA
Produced by The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of MECDA
Video and photos by Lynette
Debbie Smith
on scene reporter


Video Report
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Morocco and Ma*shisha (Pat Cahill)

Hala and Morocco

Malia of Half Moon Bay
She shows us her Tunisian costume. See her video vignette"Gig Bag Check" on the CK

Malia's troupe- - doing Tunisian Dance

Una and Troupe Nefisa
Below Una takes out her famouse belly bracelet to bobble up and down her tummy

See Monica's video "Gig Back Check" here.

Leyla Lanty and Hasanaa

Dear Wonderful Carl Sermon!
Hopefully Carl will send us better pictures of this show for Gilded Serpent soon!

They are now here!

Great affordable food provided by Bahira!

signs in a dancer

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Ready for more?
12-27-07 Californian Adventure " Prop til ya Drop" The San Francisco Chapter of MECDA Gala Concert Dec 3, 2006 Reviewed by Renee of Australia
A stage presentation is totally different from dancing at a restaurant, party entertainment, school concerts, haflas and displays.
At these venues you do not necessarily expect all of the above. The stage gives dancers the opportunity to strut their stuff in an entirely different light.

10-20-02 Visions of Delight, A History of Belly Dance in the United States Reviewed by Bobbie Giarratana & Susie Poulelis
Photos of MECDA performers & layout by Susie, Third Annual Bay Area MECDA Showcase

10-26-01 Dispelling the Myths: The Many Faces of Belly Dance, by Susie Poulelis
A Teachers' Showcase July 7, 2001, Berkeley, California
One of the first events produced by the recently formed San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of MECDA

2-18-08 A Night at Wahib's Roxxanne Shelaby's "Pure Sharqi" video and photos by Lynette
On January 19, Gilded Serpent was in Los Angeles for Pure Sharqi, a special evening of live music and dance, hosted by Roxxanne Shelaby (Hypzotica Productions), at Wahib’s in Alhambra. The evening featured the house band, led by Mouhamad Salem, along with invited dancers Aubre, Alexandra, the Lumina Dance Company, Debbie Smith, Sahra Saida, and Roxxanne herself, in addition to the regular house dance company the Sahlala Dancers.

3-17-08 From Cabaret to DJ Bellydance in New York: An Overview, 1988 - 2007 by Nina Costanza (Amar)
But the primary forums for dancers, the major New York nightclubs, have closed their doors. Cabaret is gone; it is the era of the DJ. And the new dancer has to have another job.

3-17-08 Photos from Carnival of Stars 2007- A-Z Page 3 Casual photos by Carl Sermon, Duane Stevens, John Kalb, Murat Bayhan, and Lynette Harris
Novemenber 10 & 11, 2007, produced by Alexandria and Latifa Centennial Hall in Hayward, California

3-15-08 Love Stories…The Choreographies of Raqia Hassan, by Astryd Farah deMichele
A new feeling emerged about how the music truly is the dance, it creates the dance…the feelings behind Egyptian music, the soul of the music, are that which we experience as artists and dance to; for performers, so that it can be visually displayed.

3-13-08 Enduring Open Criticism: A Student’s Question about Feeling Humiliated by Najia Marlyz
What is wrong with our form of dance today is a direct result of the current trend for treating dance students as if they were in therapy or grade school (or both).




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