The Gilded Serpent presents...
Dispelling the Myths: The Many Faces of Belly Dance

A Teachers' Showcase

July 7, 2001
, Berkeley, California
Photos by Susie Poulelis

One of the first events produced by the recently formed San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of MECDA, Dispelling the Myths was obviously intended to coalise the support of all Bay Area teachers by promoting them for an attempt at a noble theme that was not entirely apparent. Regardless, we enjoyed most performers, those of which we've displayed here. As we have noticed, in many events of this nature, a good dose of editing would leave the audience more exhilarated than exhausted.

Izora and Zuhur al-Sahara perform a traditional Turkish karsilimas and an urban Egyptian beledi dance. Izora is the San Francisco Bay Area MECDA President.

Parri, who currently teaches Afro Belly, performs 2 Persian pieces, one of which is danced both by Iranians and Kurds.

Michelle, a San Francisco teacher of private lessons, performs an Egyptian style piece.

Oakland, CA based Romani performs American Tribal Style belly dance.

The internationally reknowned Dahlena and her Dancers perform to a medley of traditional Egyptian music. Author of the instuctional book The Art of Belly Dancing, Dahlena has influenced many students through her recordings, videos and choreography for various dance companies.

Yolanda, a South San Francisco Bay teacher, has roots in the Middle Eastern community, having studied with Dunia, Jamilla Salimpour and Bert Ballendine. She is the Webmaster and a member of the planning committee for Desert Dance Festival held in San Jose, CA..

Alcina describes her style as "American Style Oriental Dance", having been influenced by Modern Egyptian, Fellahine, Saidi, Agerian, Tunesian and Turkish Gypsy styles, to name a few.

Dhyanis, Summer Solstice Goddess Dance Event producer, dances her double sword routine. She performs regularly at Los Angeles MECDA Chapter's Cairo Carnivale.

Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan, a Los Gatos, CA teacher,
has performed for international audiences.
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