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Leyla Lanty

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1

Ever since I can remember I've danced. When I was a child, I did my own dance, often with other members of my family, entertaining members of my family and close friends. During my teen years, it was "Rock'n'Roll Forever!" Then in college and later, I became deeply involved in international folk dancing, while still rock'n'rolling, of course, mostly the dances of the Balkan and Mediterranean countries. Then I discovered Raqs Sharqi, often referred to in the west by the misnomer "belly dance", a Middle Eastern solo dance, nowadays usually performed by women. I adopted the stage name Leyla, later expanding it to Leyla Lanty to distinguish myself from other Leylas, and the rest, as they say, is history. I have studied dance with some of the finest teachers, both Arabic and American, in Egypt and in the US. I perform and teach Raqs Sharqi and Egyptian style folkloric dance, in private classes or in limited master classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Early in 1999, in Cairo, Egypt, the fabulous singer Khalil Abboud and I co-produced a recording of new Arabic music for dancing and listening, featuring Khalil's sensational voice and some of the best composers and musicians to be found in Egypt.

Email me for information about performances, instruction, CDs and cassettes, or visit my website.

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