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Carl Sermon, also known as Ma*Shuqa's husband, is the photographer to the San Francisco Bay Area Orientale Dance community. He is known for taking photos that capture the “Golden Moments of Dance. In an article in The Chronicles magazine, Ma*Shuqa describes Carl’s photographic work with dancers and coined the term “The Golden Ya Habibi Moment”.

Carl captures that special moment in time when the dancer is: glowing, may be smiling and showing her joy and enjoyment of the dance, or may be showing her passion for the dance in taqsim, and her costuming, pose, head and facial expressions are superbly framed, her arms and torso are perfectly aligned, her veil(s) are captured in a picturesque arcing flight around her, and her hair is dancingly stunning.

The secret to successful performance photography is a photographer with over 30 years of dance photography experience who knows the music and the dance form and anticipates the best moment to capture the dance.

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1

Carl books photography sessions with Ma*Shuqa in Ma*Shuqa's dance studio in Los Gatos, California, USA which include: makeup and costume consultation, performance coaching poses, and photography assistance to capture that perfect photo with backdrop and professional lighting for your professional portfolio. Consider booking Carl to take your photos at the next festival, hafla, or recital. Think about booking “on location” photo sessions for special photography with Carl and Ma*Shuqa.

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