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Hala grew up in Alexandria, Egypt to the rhythms and melodies of the Middle East. She has been dancing since childhood and brings her own graceful, elegant and authentic style to her shows. In her classes, Hala exposes the cultural, historical and native dimensions of the dance as it's done in the East blending in her martial arts training for a full mind and body experience.
Praised not only for the authenticity of form and style but also for the immaculate rhythms of her choreographies, Hala has risen to be one of the most authentic dancers today captivating audiences with her passion and energy. Hala performs solo and with her troupe.  They present and educate the public about the wide spectrum and richness of Egyptian and Arabic dance (aka belly dance).

Hala has been performing and teaching her native art nationally and internationally since 1997.  She taught Middle Eastern dance through the Dance Dept at Stanford University in 2007; which was the first time one of the top Universities endorses Middle Eastern dance as part of its dance curriculum!  The Hala Dance Troupe was selected from over 115 dance companies to represent Middle Eastern dance at the prestigious San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival in 2004.  In 2005, Hala performed with master percussionist Hossam Ramzy in London, England and presented her native art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts in celebration of the King Tut exhibit.  In 2006, Hala and her friend Amanda, opened Halanda Studio in San Jose, Callifornia, where they offer classes in many international dance and movement arts.

In addition to performing & teaching, Hala leads annual dance tours to Egypt, hosts dance workshops and shows by Master Egyptian and international stars & provides information, performances and assistance to schools, cultural institutions & magazines on the origin and survival of this beautiful art form.

Hala has hosted events starring Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Raqia Hassan, Atef Farag & Magda Ibrahim, Faten Salama, Tito and many more.  

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