The Gilded Serpent presents
a mezza before the feast!

Rakkasah West
Festival Photo Teaser

March 2004, Richmond, California
photos by GS Volunteers including:
Biram, Clare, Cynthia, Krista, Lynette, Michelle, Monica, Sandra, Valentino, Yasmine and probably more!
Let us know if you recognize faces!

Naheda of Germany receives a standing ovation for her stellar performance before the usually jaded San Francisco audience at Rakkasah.

Leila Haddad is surprised with the Award for Best Ethnic Dancer of 2003 by Suzy Evans representing IAMED. Leila was unable to attend the awards ceremony in December in LA.
Momo Kadous limps off stage after further damaging his achilles tendon. His scheduled tendon repair had to be done immediately upon his return to Germany.

The Suhaila Club
So where are the snakes? A beautiful show nonetheless...

Aneena & granddaughter
Isabella & Suhaila

The cross generational "thing" was strong this year.

The "Most Surveys Collected Award" goes to Michel Harris , who earned enough to pick his prize from all the delicious pirate treasure provided by the 95 vendor booths at Rakkasah. Our Gilded Serpent Online Survey 2004 is now ready for your participation!

The "Biggest Snake Award" does to Kaa and Amber of Good Vibrations.

[Ed- these awards aren't real, just a comment of enthusiasm!]

German duo Mayyadah & Amir's interactions were reminiscent of Beata & Horacio. We hope to see more of them in the future!
Noel of Tokyo

Aziza Said

Aziza! Parker

A last minute cleaning deposit was required of all the vendors.
Apparently the threat worked and the deposits were returned!
Good job everyone!


Mary Ellen and Vince Delgado promote their music, though they missed the presence of fellow musical collaborator Mimi Spencer.
Vendors were worried about the lack of sales on Saturday but then seemed to make up for it on Sunday

Leyla, Antoinetta, Evelyn, Wendy, ?
The guy in the background is Evelyn's Cousin Tom.
(faces identified by Evelyn- thanks!)

The lovely Fahteim!

Troupe Sahar
Dancer facing the camera (in blue) is Karismah.

The Henna booth was doing a brisk business

Kaya of Denver
Mee'sha makes the sign of the Snake Goddess (see the old movie called,"Cobra Woman!")

Mark Bell, Cyrianna, Var Daghdevirian

Shopping or getting ready for a show?

Tray Dance by Setareh
from San Jose

? of Troupe Nijmeh (?)

Choose your caption-
1-Body augmentation is becoming more popular,

2-Clones invade Rakkasah,
3-Art imitates life,
4-All American Barbie wants to be exotic too!

Chris Davenport (face identified by Evelyn- thanks!)

Bahaia. Could she be saying-
"Can you find someone to dance for me tonight? I'm feeling ill!"

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Ready for More?
4-3-04 Part 2 of Photos by Ram, the Featured Stars, Aida Nour & Magdy El-Leisy, and Wafaa Badr
in Dallas, Texas, January 9-11, 2004, sponsored by Little Egypt

3-25-04 Zaharr's Memoir, Part 8 Early Street Performing by Zaharr A. Hayatti
They actually threw money in our hat!

3-24-04 "I'd Rather Stay Home with my Kids" by Amina Goodyear (chapter 2)
I asked her how to take it off, and she told me to figure it out when I was on stage. Then I heard - "Our "guest" dancer, Amina, all the way from upstairs!"

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