The Gilded Serpent presents...
Aida Nour & Magdy El-Leisy in Dallas
Photos by Ram

Part 2-The Featured Stars
including Wafaa Badr

January 9-11, 2004,
sponsored by Little Egypt

More information on this event can be found in the previous articles published 3-11-04 on Gilded Serpent or see the links at the bottom of page. Additional biographical information on Wafaa Badr will be added here when obtained.
Check back soon!

Wafaa Badr
Magdy El-Leisy
Aida Nour!

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3-11-04 Aida Nour & Magdy El-Leisy in Dallas, Texas, January 9-11, 2004, sponsored by Little Egypt

3-25-04 Zaharr's Memoir, Part 8 Early Street Performing by Zaharr A. Hayatti
They actually threw money in our hat!

3-24-04 "I'd Rather Stay Home with my Kids" by Amina Goodyear (chapter 2)
I asked her how to take it off, and she told me to figure it out when I was on stage. Then I heard - "Our "guest" dancer, Amina, all the way from upstairs!"

3-18-04 Najia's List of Recommended CDs, 2004 update
Print and compare this list to your present collection or take it to the next festival to help you find these treasures!




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