Yasmine and Saiedeh at a MECDA event

Yasmine and Saiedeh at a MECDA event

The Gilded Serpent presents...

Yasmine and Saiedeh

Benecia and Paradise, California

Yasmine and Saiedeh began their belly dance "adventure" in Benicia, Ca. Their first instructor was Loa Kirkbride. Loa has been on the belly dance scene since the 70's and taught them so much about costuming and performance aspects of belly dance. Her enthusiasm for "the dance" was the start of the flame. As the hunger grew, Yasmine broadened her experience by taking classes from the talented, Sharifa. That experience opened her to the ethnic aspects of the dance.

The next step for the both of them was to attend class with Suhaila SalimpourThe next step for the both of them was to attend class with Suhaila Salimpour where the technique base, comprehensive format, challenging training and core muscle building was much desired. Yasmine is continuing her studies with Leea of Bellydance!as well as 5+ years of regular featured dancer position at the El Morocco Restaurant in Pleasant Hill and the Marrakech in San Francisco. Saiedeh has broadened her multi-dimensional dance training by adding Eagle Claw Kung Fu. She is a student of the world famous Gini Lau. Yasmine and Saiedeh believe that continuing their dance education will benefit not only themselves but also their students, by giving them the most quality classes they can.

Over the years, fueled by intense ambitions and sincere love for "the dance", they have worked to create a format they can call their own, incorporating all of the influences they have encountered. Loa, Sharifa, Suhaila, Leea and the many quality workshop instructors they have taken class from, have shaped their own distinctive style and attitude. It is a broad-based technical program combined with tools for building self-awareness and confidence, choreography, performance skills and most of all having FUN!

In February of 2000, the partnership of Yasmine and Saiedeh turned Sirens In Sanity Multi-Culture Dance Studio filled with belly dance and many other guest instructors/classes, and Sirens In Sanity Presents, a multifaceted entity which sponsors workshops, concerts, booking agents and offers scholarships to students. They see so many opportunities to expand and grow through this unique art form.

In July of 2008, Sirens In Sanity expanded to a new territory. Yasmine moved and opened the second facet of Sirens In Sanity in Magalia/Paradise, CA area. SIS is so excited to teach in Benicia, Magalia & Paradise now.

Please check their web page for all upcoming performances and events, and to get further info about Saiedeh and Yasmine and Sirens In Sanity along with information about the current class schedules.

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