Club Galia Grand Opening

Review by Bobbie Giarratana
Photos by
Susie Poulelis

Babylon's Opening Night Friday, August 4th was a success!

An Arabian Knights production, Babylon is a Friday night extension of Salamat Sunday (both now held at Club Galia in the Mission District of San Francisco).

Over 400 people attended the opening night of this two-story nightclub that features modern MiddleEastern music and a sexy blonde go-go dancer in the disco downstairs, and a live band playing hot Arabic tunes in the hooka lounge upstairs. What makes the Babylon endeavor different, say Raed and Luay of the band Arabian Knights, is that with the new format they are attracting an expanded crowd.
With an age requirement of 18+, and advertising on Lebanese TV, people of all ages are coming from as far away as Stockton and Sacramento. They want to see and be seen at the hottest new Middle Eastern venue since Salamat Sundays began. Serving a yummy mezza plate with a wide range of beers and cocktails, this is club where you can stay all night to dance, eat, play pool, relax, and then dance some more. And make sure you dress up! This disco has a dress code and, believe me, the patrons take it seriously. You gotta look gooood to get in.

Salamat Sunday will continue at Club Galia with a featured belly dancer and live music. Admission is free to women before 11 pm (a bit of hospitality for which we are all thankful). Both Friday and Sunday are available for special events/private parties.  

For more information contact Arabian Knights Productions at: 415.970.0878
Club Galia
2565 Mission St
San Francisco


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