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Bobbie Giarratana

Bobbie Giarratana has been involved with theater production and administration for many years throughout the entire Bay Area, including Asian American Theater, Luna Sea Women's Performance Project, as well as independent film making and mainstream commercial production. Her most recent contribution to dance has been providing reviews for the Gilded Serpent website. She also regularly supports the arts through her audience dollars. She is a potter and her vocation is in real estate sales in the Berkeley and East Bay area. Ms. Giarratana has been a dance student her entire child and adult life, and she discovered Belly Dance quite by Kismet about five years ago. She has been shimmying and moving sensuously with the strains of all types of Middle Eastern music ever since. Ms. G. has been a performer at both public and private parties under a Middle Eastern stage name, preferring to write her honest and forthright reviews under her given name.

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