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The Gilded Serpent reports...
Belly Dance Superstars
at DNA Lounge
Saturday, April 17, 2004
San Francisco, CA

Photos by
Susie Poulelis

Producer Miles Copeland opens the show in circus barker fashion. It was a surprise to hear the booming voice and gestures coming from such a reserved almost gothic looking man.

Finale in Blue

Rachel Brice performs a duet with Hasaan on dumbek
Traditional cane dance done rockette style,
Spinning Petite Jamilla with veil
Dondi camps it up by twirling the pearls on her hip, then later, continues the theme with a Marilyn Monroe spoof.
Tribal portion of BDSS
Rachel, Melodia, and Sharon Kihara
FatChanceBellyDance as guest performers
Carolena at left
Indian flavor
Scottish flavor.
Yes, that is Petite Jamilla playing a bagpipe, Dondi in green and Rachel on the floor. Both swords will be placed on the floor crossing each other and Petite Jamilla will then do a Scottish sword dance about them.
Polynesian flavored pot dance
South of Market flavored audience
Miles promotes the products

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