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The Gilded Serpent presents
the feast!

Rakkasah West Festival
(and whatever else turns up!!)

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March 2004, Richmond, California
photos by GS Volunteers including:
Biram, Clare, Cynthia, Krista, Lynette, Michelle, Monica, Sandra, Saroya, Valentino, Yasmine and probably more!
*Let us know if you recognize faces!

Los Angeles

More from Suhaila...

Suzanna Del Vecchio
Denver, Colorado
Aleta Davis
Dhyanis's Troupe
Susie's Daughter, Eowyn
Santa Rosa
Arabian Princesses
Oakland, California
unknown brunette
Playing oud in the background is Coralie Russo

Jim Boz and Troupe



New Jersey



Mira dancing to Helm



Dancers of the Pharoah

Shukriya & Natica
Pinole, California

Ventura County

(Thanks! Yasemin Yildiz)


Mike Solakian is the drummer on right and Charlie on the left. (thanks Masouma!)


John Compton shares his secret potion, Rababa hides, Heather is entertained

Vince Delgado and Leyla Lanty

Open Floor

Security Dudes late Sunday Eve

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Ready for More?
6-1-04 "Raqia Hassan presents Ahlan Wa Sahlan Oriental Dance Festival Opening Cairo 2003." A video review by Mara al-Nil
While my personal preference is to focus on the dancers, some people may enjoy celebrity spotting, or looking for friends and fellow dancers fortunate enough to have attended the gala.

4-15-04 An American Belly Dancer: The Significance of Jillina, Review by Arabia, Photos by Carl Sermon
workshop sponsored by Amina Goodyear, at Dance Mission, San Francisco, California, January 25, 2004
It seems quite evident that it wasn't Jillina's motivation to become the Superstar title which now precedes her -- that she is, in fact, just doing what she loves, being who she truly is, working hard at it -- and the rest sort of fell into her hands.

3-16-04 Yair Dalal in Boulder, Colorado, by Daune C. Greene
The concert received a standing ovation from a packed house.

3-16-04 Millenium by Amir Sofi and Orchestra El Musaya CD review by Latifa
Some parts of this CD would work well in a performance...

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