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San Francisco
Ethnic Dance Festival
Photo Teaser
(more are coming!)

June 12-27 2004
Weekend 2
Palace of Fine Arts

photos by Susie Poulelis

Prabhath Academy
for Music and Performing Arts (PAMPA)
North and South India

American Tribal Style Belly Dance
Mahea's KaUaTuahine
Polynesian Dance Company
Lasya Dance Company
South India
Grupo Folklorico Paule
Puerto Rico

Yore Folk Dance Ensemble
Southern Turkey

Gamelan Sekar Jaya
More to come!

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Ready for More?
6-14-04 The Making of a Bellydance CD by Dunyah
Each phase of the process is expensive, time-consuming, and important.

6- 8-04 Nagwa Sultan: Cairo Soul by Edwina Nearing
Like a number of other Egyptian dancers who retired in the early ‘90s, Nagwa couldn't turn her back on the dance world entirely, however tarnished the glitter had become.

6-6-04 At last! The Sunday Photos from Rakkasah West 2004- Page 1, Page 2
Thanks to all the photographers and volunteers whol help make this happen. We still need a few names to go with faces!

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