The Gilded Serpent presents...
The 30th Annual
Belly Dancer of the Year Pageant
produced by Leea
May 24 & 25, 2003
Walnut Creek, California

photos by Susie


It was Dhyanis's year. Her emotional performance won her 1st place in the Grand Dancer category.
Troupe Dhyanis twirled toward the 1st place trophy in the troupe category. Perhaps the colorful skirts made it a more easy decision for the judges. They were quite a dramatic effect on stage.

 The first place trophy for Belly Dancer of the Year went to Sa'diyya. Performing 1st in the category, she was a tough act to follow and definitely fulfilled the expectations of the judges.

Troupe Shamilla won the judges' favor with their tight, crisp moves and high energy. They were the winners in the Duo/Trio category. Arturo, on right, also performed at this year's Rakkasah West.

BDY 1984, showed the young girls in the crowd a great trick. How can one not be mesmerized by this sultry move. Sales of waist chains probably rose that night!

Last year's winner, Aziza, dazzled everyone again in an exhibition performance Sunday afternoon.

Was Shalimar Dance Company making a political statement?


Shabnam, a former gymnast, was impressive but exhausting to watch with her frenetic pace and acrobatic moves.

Banat Al Fez won the 1st Runner Up trophy in the Duo/Trio category. They infused campy moves into their skilled performance. Aziza is in front with performer Magidah in center. More of Magidah here-2003 Rakkasah West

Desert Dance queen Dunia, 1989 BDY, shows her stuff in the exhibition dance.
Raks Sahibat, Troupe 2000, gave a safe, yet elegant performance in the exhibition dance.

One of many beautifully expressive moves. Many were disappointed that Rasha didn't place.

Raks Jenna won 1st Runner Up in the Troupe category.
More elegant hands and less face covering moves!
Amina looked lovely in blue and gold. Perhaps her wide stance prevented her from placing in the BDY category.

Northern California's favorite dancing twins, Kamseen and Shiraza had fun with pots in the exhibition dance. They were the reigning Duet of 1988.

Sarayyah placed as 2nd Runner Up in the BDY category. Her cheerleader type moves and inappropriate use of cane during a drum solo should have kept her off the list to place.

Troupe Apsara, 12 members strong, won the trophy for 2nd Runner Up in the Troupe category. Every dancer using a sword was impressive. Abrupt musical transitions were rampant throughout the pageant. This troupe was just one of the offenders.

With her sword and sweet mysterious smile, Sandra wooed the judges to give her the 1st Runner Up trophy. She took risks and had a unique style.
ZamZam took home the Duo/Trio category 2nd Runner Up trophy. The lights came up on there opening with them reclining in odalisque poses around a pond made of a watery blue veil. One performer gracefully ducked a potential costume disaster, stepping out of her skirt as it slide down to her knees, leaving it by the pond.
Competing for the BDY award, Amira worked the drum solo. Her performance was creditable, but lacked the excitement needed to win an award.
Mumtaza showed grace and elegance. The competition was fierce in the Duet / Trio category and this duet did not place.


Jizan, 1996 BDY, danced to Latin guitar and Hawaiian music. It was a risky but successful interpretation..
Judeen, 1993 BDY, won the audience during the exhibition performances. Her floor work showed her ever present flexibility.
Sadia and Jasmine Dancers got off to a stiff start, but warmed up quickly. They were competing in the Troupe category.
The Sisters of D'Nile trio entered mysteriously and never managed to shake their overly serious mood.
Sadia, 1986 BDY, had the look and feel of a real pro. Her dance was smooth and joyful.
Saideh, 2001 Grand Dancer, gave us goosebumps with her graceful and elegant performance.
Naiya-Hayal is a very subtle and gentle dancer. She was competing for this year's Grand Dancer award.
Troupe Tangiers opened the exhibition with a Tunisian style dance. They were the reigning Troupe in 1981 and 1990.
Ianthe's costume was a bit overpowering. She was also competing for Grand Dancer.
Troupe Mandala utilized their members' varied heights to successfully achieve this feat with sequined spears.
Sitara showed that she was an experienced performer. She was awarded the 1st runner up trophy in this year's Grand Dancer category.
Sese, 1994 BDY, showed the audience she's a pro with her great interaction and playful style.
Bay'la Zeba, 1994 Grand Dancer was a vision in yellow ruffles.
Troupe Dhyanis took the 1st place trophy in the Troupe category.

Last year's winner, Aziza, crowns Sa'diyya, (in purple), this year's winner, while 1st runner up Sandra (in teal) and 2nd runner up Sarayyah (in orange) look on.
Troupe Shamilla, this year's winner of the Duos and Trios category, in red and black. Banat al Fez, in blue and gold won 1st Runner Up.


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