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The Gilded Serpent presents...
Tribal Fest 3
produced by Ellen Cruz and Kajira
May 17 & 18, 2003
Sebastopol, California

photos by Lynette

Please help me with the names!
Help so far- Ellen, Sharon Mandala
Thanks, L


AnaMilena Ayala (left) and Grace Oh
(right) of Blue Roses Tribal Bellydance

Bonnie Meyer

Cave Women
Rockrose Tribal & Sofyan?


Troupe Dhyanis



Susie fits a coin belt.

Mother and daughter vend
Eowyn Gardner and Susie Gordon

Ellen and Rachel


Hag comic and snake sock puppet Kasia


Divas Paulette and Karen Andes

Henna Tattoo
Michelle Gila of Gypsy Caravan

Sheri Briar's troupe- "Rising Stars"


Rock Rose Musicians


Dig deep!

Good Posture
Ave Maria Hackett, Director of Blue
Roses Tribal Bellydance

Ball Python and Sage


Saiedeh and Yasmine


Yogi mama
Jesika Li?

Wise Woman
Nancy Hernandez

Vendors take in the show
Susan Lake and family


Slithering Duo
Kassar, New Jersey


Sheri's troupe goes tribal?

Tribal Glam
Kelly Granger of Blue Roses Tribal

Tribal Beauty
Nicole of Sister Caravan, Portland, OR

Can we go home now?

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Ready for More?
5-20-03 Loving Remembrance & Requiem: the Best “School” That Ever Was, Part 1 by Morocco/ Carolina Varga Dinicu
I looked at her & said, “If I can’t do better than that, I’ll hand in my feet!” A case of having more guts than brains.

5-15-03 Professional vs. Amateur: What is the Difference? by Nisima
There are dancers of every gradation in between the two labels of “professional” and “amateur”: dancers who work at dance jobs intermittently, or have part time jobs in addition to regular performances.

5-13-03 Dancing with Shelties by Justine Merrill
Bashing zills and barking shelties competed.

5-13-03 Fusion Category added to Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition by Luna
"You know, we're really making history here..."

5-9-03 Kayla's Travel Journal Continues--Hamam III by Kayla Summers
At that point the steward says "now" and you jump off.

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