Building Bridges
MC2 Restaurant
San Francisco, CA
November 18, 2001

by Susie Poulelis


After a too lengthy explanation by the organizers as to why we were all gathered together, Georges Lamman & his Ensemble quickly transformed an otherwise overcrowded and Marinite filled social event into a happening scene.


The North Bay Belly dancer, Terri, joined the band for an unusually long set which was very well received by the crowd. When she finished, the band continued for open dancing on the small floor. Nobody seemed to mind the tight quarters and a good time was had by all.  
After they were through serenading us with gorgeous melodies on violin, accordian, and oud, George and his band then turned the stage over to San Francisco's favorite World Beat DJ, Cheb i Sabbah. 65  

The event, an inspiration of Athena Katsaros, Halla Ayla, and Sue Martin, came about after the Sept 11 tragedies. Proceeds, which exceeded $12,000, due to combined $60 ticket sales and a silent auction, have been donated to
The Twin Towers Orphans Fund in New York

The Mercy Corps, serving Afghan refugee children and
The Middle Eastern Children's Alliance, serving Palestinian refugee children.

Athena would also like to thank Starr Naimes and Beth Huning who organized the silent auction.

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