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The Gilded Serpent presents
the feast!

Rakkasah West Festival 2005
March 2005, Richmond, California
photos by GS Volunteers including:
Jasmine, Lynette, Michelle, Monica, Sandra,Saroya Ahlaam, Susie, Zaheea, and probably more!
*Let us know if you recognize faces!

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of Walnut Creek, CA
  Pat Olson of Pangia sings

Leila Haddad
Paris, France

Momo Kadous and Yalia,
Reinheim, Germany

Oneida and Kajmir
of Aiwa She'Raqa
Medford, OR

of Kingman
, Az and
of Las Vegas, NV

Asha Belly Dancers
from Reno, Nevada

Ya Habibi Dance Company

Arcata, CA

Desert Sin, Djahari & Elayssa,
Hollywood, CA


Lakewood, WA

Salawa Ahmend,
Sacramento, CA

Wellington, New Zealand

Sarah Skinner
New York City

Alexandria's Ghawazee
Berkeley, CA


Rossah's Hand of Fatima
Las Vegas, NV

Amaya and Japanese students at Bert's workshop


Hall on Friday Evening


Shabnam & Jim Boz

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Ready for more?
4-21-04 Rakkasah West Festival 2004 Friday Evening March 2004, Richmond, California photos by GS Volunteers including: Biram, Clare, Cynthia, Krista, Lynette, Michelle, Monica, Sandra, Valentino, Yasmine and probably more!

5-6-03 Rakkasah Festival 03 West Photos - Sunday by Susie
Fahtiem, Aziza, Mesmera, Amaya, Shanna, Akiko, Leila, and more...

3-20-01 Doing it my way by Bert Balladine
Pictures of Bert's Rakkasah Workshop, "For me, dance is not cerebral, but highly emotional."

4-28-02 Rakkasah West Festival 2002 Saturday Photos by Susie Poulelis
Bal Anat, Hahbi'Ru, Shoshanna, Domba and more...

6-13-01 Rakkasah 2001 Festival West: Sunday Photos by Susie Poulelis
Alexandria, Momo Kadous, Soraya, Leila Haddad, Elana, Suhaila, Jamila, Dhyanis....

4-14-00 Rakkasah Festival 2000 Photos- photography and layout by Susie Poulelis

Friday Night - Leila Haddad, Daila Carella and more!
Saturday afternoon Photos -posted 4-20-00
Saturday night Photos- posted 5-6-00
Sunday Photos- posted 5-6-00

3-20-05 Rakkasah Democracy Skips First Amendment! Report by Lynette, Editor
The second call, a few minutes later, warned me not to come to Rakkasah at all.

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