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Dawn Devine ~ Davina

Author • Costumer • Dancer • Historian

As an author, Dawn has published 9 titles about Middle Eastern belly dance costume design, history and construction. Her writing has been featured in numerous magazines from specialty belly dance publications like Habibi and Bellydancer to more mainstream magazines like Linux Journal, off-beat publications, newsletters, webzines, local newspapers and right here on Gilded Serpent.

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1

Dawn Devine began studying costume design at Mesa College in San Diego, California and then opened her business, Devine's Designs Custom Clothing, specializing in Victorian reproductions, custom formal wear and bridal couture. She earned a BA in Visual Arts/Theatre from UCSD, marrying her twin loves of costume design and art history. She worked several season in the costume shop of the Tony award winning La Jolla Playhouse before heading to UC Davis where did her master’s works in the departments of Art History and Design.

Davina currently owns and operates Ibexa Press, an independent publishing house that prints and distributes her 9 self-authored books including the best selling Costuming from the Hip and Embellished Bras. Her books are available on her website or through Amazon.com and is carried by specialty dance vendors worldwide.

Davina lives in San Jose, where she volunteers as Secretary of her local MECDA chapter and teaches dance and costume design at the Lunatic Fringe Boutique and Arts Studio in Sunnyvale.

Favorite Mottos:
"There's more than ONE way to sew the RIGHT WAY!"
"Done is Good!"
"You CAN do IT!"

Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Davina

  • Hollywood and Assiut, Onstage and Off, by Dawn Devine Davina
    Throughout the history of motion pictures, the costume designers of Hollywood, and the stars they dress, have had their own love affair with this gorgeous cloth. Assiut fabric was used initially to breathe life into an ancient past and later to provide a connective link to the 20's when the popularity of assiut was at it's zenith.
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    However, netting was invented by the Egyptians and dates back thousands of years.
  • Fashion Trend Report 2011 What's New This Year at Rakkasah?
    What I noticed, first and foremost, was not the costuming, but rather, a change in the sellers themselves. The seller demographic has radically altered, creating a new vendor landscape. Without a doubt, this is a response to the on-going sluggish economy and the need for companies to reduce expenses. The reduction in costumes and products coming out of Egypt also affected the merchandise. Many small factories had a gap in production, and shipping has become even more problematic. ented by the Egyptians and dates back thousands of years.
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    By understanding the nature of non-profits, how they are organized and run, you can see their potential for developing successful arts organization, performance space, dance company or troupe.
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  • Kohl:Drawing the Line
    Along with henna, kohl has been part of the beauty regimens of women since the dawn of history, and an unbroken line connects the eyes of today with those of the ancients.
  • On The Costumer’s Bookshelf
    Beaded Embellishment Techniques & Designs for Embroidering on Cloth by Amy C. Clarke & Robin Atkins
    Well-written directions for all of the most useful stitches for the application of beads are accompanied by clear illustrations.
  • Rakkasah Trend Report 2002
    ...the hottest and latest new styles from across the US, Turkey, Egypt and beyond
  • On The Costumer’s Bookshelf
    Indian Embroidery by Rosemary Crill, Davina's second in a series of book reviews
    This book includes a chapter on textiles made specifically for export to Europe and other parts of the globe.
  • On the Costumer’s Bookshelf
    The Splendor of Ethnic Jewelry. For the reader or researcher interested in ethnic jewelry, this sumptuous coffee table book is worth every penny of its rather steep price. This is the first in a regular series by Davina!

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