Rakkasah West 2002
Saturday, March 23

by Susie Poulelis

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San Francisco, CA
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Arcata, CA

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Margo Abdo O'Dell
Minneapolis, MN
Natica's Poetic Dance Theatre Co.
San Francisco, CA
Hamburg, Germany
Bal Anat
Berkeley, CA

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San Francico, CA

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Alladin's Lads & Lasses
Fremont, CA

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Palo Alto, CA
Fremont, CA
Ana Banat
Richmond, CA
Tempe, AZ
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Ready for more?
4-7-01 Rakkasah West Festival 2002 Friday Night Photos by Susie Poulelis
Dalia Carella, Leila Haddad, Ghawazee, Cory Zamora and more...
3-17-02 Rakkasah East Report, More Photos, Part 2 Photos and comments by Zulieka
A last minute add in the schedule, Ailet from Israel. She was great!
3-5-02 Rakkasah East Report, Part 1, by Zulieka
the show in New Jersey ran early...

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