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The Gilded Serpent presents
the feast!

Rakkasah West Festival 2005
Sat&Sun-Page 2

March 2005, Richmond, California
photos by GS Volunteers including:
Carl Sermon, Jasmine, Lynette, Michelle, Monica, Sandra, Saroya, Susie, Zaheea, and probably more!

Yes, we are combining the days and just trying to get all the beautiful photos posted at last!

Morocco and Tarik
New York City, NY

Los Angeles, CA
Ludwigsstadt, Germany

Troupe Unmata
Directed by Amy Sigil of Sacramento, CA

Desert Orchids Dance Company
directed by Zahira, Salt Lake City, UT

Momo and Yalia
Reinheim, Germany and Vienna, Austria

Solace plays for DevaDasi
all from Redlands, CA

Groove Du Monde
directed by Kaya & Sadie, Denver, CO

Una and Troupe Nijmeh
San Jose, CA

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Ready for more?
6-3-05 Belly Dancer of the Year 2005 Page 1 Duos, Trios & Troupes photos by Monica
May 28, 2005, San Ramon, California.

5-28-05 Rakkasah West Festival 2005 Photos- Saturday Page 1 photos by GS Staff and Friends
More to come!

3-31-05 Rakkasah West Festival 2005 Photos- Friday Page 1 photos by GS Staff and Friends
Friday Page 2

5-27-05 The Rhythm and Reason Series Article 2- Special Experiences  by Mary Ellen Donald
The audience of mainly flamenco aficionados gave our Arabic Suite a clamorous response.  This bringing together of bellydance and flamenco had begun as a flash of imagination in Cruz' mind.

5-18-05 Atef Farag: A Life in Dance Interview by Debbie Lammam
Pure Egyptian dance does tolerate a lot of sexual innuendo that is not present in my work.

5-10-05 Making New Musical Inroads in France and Ireland by Mark and Ling Shien Bell
Helm takes Rhythm Diatribes Workshops to Europe, series continues...

5-5-05 Initiating Dance Dialogue: Current Trends, The Panel Discussion at Carnivals of Stars Festival, transcribed from video by Andrea, Panel members included: Heather as moderator, Monica Berini, Shira, Barbara Bolan, Amina Goodyear, Debbie Lammam.

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