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Yosifah of California
Gilded Serpent presents...
High Desert Hip Fest 2004
Report and photos sent in
by Janie Midgley, sponsor of the event
photos were taken by
David Ventura of Sacramento

High Desert Hip Fest is held every year, the first part of May in Reno, Nevada. This two day festival is sponsored by The Two Old Bags. They bring in two fabulous workshop teachers for the festival. Each instructor teaches a four hour workshop, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday night there is a gala evening show, starring the workshop teachers and some of the fabulous workshop attendees.

This year the one and only Morocco returned to Reno, this is the third time she has taught here. 2004 was Zaina Hart's first time teaching at High Desert Hip Fest, though she is a regular favorite at Wiggles of the West (the contest held in Reno in July) where she has taught several times as well as being a judge. Workshop participants gathered from five Western states to enjoy the fun!

Please join us next year for Suzanna del Vecchio of Denver and Imzahdi of Colorado Springs. The festival will be held at Boomtown Hotel and Casino, the home of the Two Old Bags events.

of Artemis Imports

of Reno, Nevada

Phaedra Nicole of Seattle, WA

Morocco, Workshop Instructor, she taught a choreography to "A la Kefek"

The Ottoman Traders from Sacramento, CA who danced with their own drummers

demonstrating Tunisian dance

Oberon of Oregon

Saahira's Sirens of Reno, NV

Zina bint Badia of Phoenix, AZ

Yalla Habibi of Reno, NV

Hasson Yosif Deeb of California

Zaina Hart, Workshop Instructor,
she taught "Purrcussion and Wings/Art of Graceful Movement"

Kami Liddle (NV)

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