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Gilded Serpent presents...
Top Egyptian Dance Star
Dina in LA

Sponsored by Little Egypt
Report and photos by
Catherine Barros

On May 14-16 of 2004, Nora, Dee Dee & Ahmad Asad of Little Egypt presented Dina of Cairo in a teaching workshop and show at the Radisson Hotel at the Los Angeles Airport.

On Saturday, Dina taught a choreography to Nancy Ajram's popular song "Bedala Aleyk". The whole class enthusiastically jumped in to learn the choreography. The group of chiropractors next door didn't appreciate our fun. They were made unwilling participants because of the loud volume and numerous repetitions of the song. A conflict was not anticipated by management with the booking of these two very different events (who knew that chiropractors were so uptight? -just kidding!). Consequently, we were asked to move to another room midway through our workshop. To make up for the inconvenience this caused, sponsor DeeDee offered to send all the Saturday participants a copy of the Nancy Ajram CD. It was a greatly appreciated offer.

There was a raised stage in the very center of the room; so we crowded around from all sides! Can you believe the "Super Stars" that attended this workshop? Present were: Jasmin Jahal, Angelika Nemeth, Fahtiem, Jillina, and, hidden behind Jillina, Shoshanna is lurking. Off stage not show in this photo were others that you would also recognise. In the late afternoon of the workshop, Dina requested groups of dancers to come to the stage and perform the choreography with her (sometimes without her if I remember correctly). To avoid my turn on the stage I started wandering about the area taking photos to share with you!

On Sunday we were back in our regularly scheduled, large ballroom, that had a generous raised stage. Dina taught a different choreography to Sherin's song, "Sabri Aleel". As you can tell from the group photo on Sunday, we were a happy group of dancers. We were just happy to have the experience of dancing with Dina!
The Saturday night show was eagerly anticipated by all the workshop attendents. It was a full house and Dina didn't disappoint anyone.
She danced to some of her favorite pieces of music including "Tahtil Shibek" and "Leyla Helwa", while providing the audience with a visual treat as she dashed back onto the stage with each new costume brought for the show (a total of 4 changes in all).
After the show, we all tried to get our photo ops with Dina, but mostly we all wanted to hang around and talk about what a great show it had been.

Many people stated as they left for the evening: "See you in Miami!"

Workshop participants photo taken on Sunday. Dina in white in the middle. Catherine Barros on right in black, Dee Dee bottom left. Where is Alanna?

Click here for one more group photo- it's large so be patient!

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