Winners of
"The Wiggles of the West"

July 24 & 25, 1999
at the
Reno/Sparks Convention Center.


Entertainer of the Year

- Aneena (CA)
2nd - Sarasa (CA)
3rd - Jazmine (AZ)

Headliner of the Year

- Marula (CA)  (for over 40)
2nd - Tilana (CA)
3rd - Zelina (CA)

Rising Star

- Jara (CA) 
2nd - Jamara (OR)
3rd - Namira ( CA)

Ensemble of the Year

- Raks Sahibat (CA) 
2nd - Asha (NV)
3rd - Sirens InSanity (CA)

Wiggles and Giggles

- Tilana (CA)  -comedy
2nd - Veiled Threats (CA) 
3rd - Ashera (CA)

Next years contest will be July 8 & 9, 2000. 
at the Reno/Sparks Convention Center.

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