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Salome's Schwestern of Luxembourg. Troupe member's include:
Alexandra Dietze, Alice Andersson, Trixy Mehlinger, Ulrike Feit.

Gilded Serpent presents...
Helm takes Rhythm Diatribes
Workshops to Europe

Making New Musical Inroads in

Luxembourg 2005

by Mark and
Ling Shien Bell

Luxembourg, the “ heart of Europe”, is a very small country nested between France, Belgium, and Germany.  The people speak French and their own German related language. The capital city of the same name is extremely picturesque maintaining many structures hundreds of years old.

Trixy Mehlinger, whom we met at the festival in St. Chartier, France hosted the workshop for us. She directs a dance troupe called Salomes Schwestern.  Participants included two dancers from nearby Treves, the oldest town in Germany, who asked us to come and perform in an ancient Roman bath house now used for shows and concerts.

The workshop consisted of mostly the same material we taught in Ireland and Spain,

the main difference being a total lack of percussionists so the focus was entirely on the rhythms, zaghat and choreography.

Again, we were impressed by the focus and dedication of the dancers to take on new information and make it their own.

Trixy Mehlinger and Alexandra DietzeObservations
It was extremely educational for us to watch the learning process in three very diverse regions.  It is also very difficult to not fall into stereotypes in describing the process.  From the Irish participants who have been somewhat isolated in the past,

absorbing information with a complete willingness to experiment, take chances, and do it with joy,

to the dancers and drummers of Catalon who seem like they are being reminded of something they innately knew, and finally to the dancers we taught in Luxembourg who are more analytical in their approach. 

Obviously there were exceptions in every case.   Here in the States you will find the same type of similarities and differences usually happening all at once. The important thing is the outcome and we found a high level of artistry and dedication everywhere. People are into learning and getting better… just like us.

Rhythm Diatribes 2005 Tour Report

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