Ling Shien Bell

Photo by Andy Mogg © 2003

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Ling Shien Bell

Ling Shien plays mismar (an Arabic oboe), nai (an Arabic flute), and other assorted Arabic woodwinds and rebaba, a member of the violin family. She also is the composer of the band Helm's original songs.

The band has various configurations depending on the types of music played. The core of the group consists of Ling Shien and Mark Bell. Helm is based in Northern California in Marin County.

Ling Shien draws upon her study of Arabic music theory as well as her time spent in Egypt to create her compositions. Ling Shien began playing Middle Eastern music in 1980 soon after meeting Mark. Her background in Western classical music and her ability to distinguish quartertones enabled her to successfully adapt to this complex music. Her new interest in accordion expands Helm's musical horizons as does her recent studies in Turkish music.

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