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Mahsati Janan

Mahsati Janan is an instructor, performer, choreographer, and workshop instructor in Asheville, North Carolina. She began her journey in belly dance in 1996 and has studied and performed throughout the US. She specializes in Egyptian styles, but also enjoys many belly dance forms. She is available to teach workshops, private, or group classes in Classical Egyptian, Middle Eastern Folkloric, Turkish, Lebanese and techniques that are common to all styles. Her instructional DVDs, “Fabulous Fan VeilZZ I & II” and “Foundations of Raqs Sharqi Level 1”, continue to be valuable resources for dancers around the world. Mahsati currently directs the Qamari Dance Collective and troupe Banat al-Qamar.

Articles on Gilded Serpent by or about Mahsati

  • Sold Out Mosaic of Dance in North Carolina!Raqs Layali 2013, Asheville, North Carolina,
    A few pics from the Raqs Layali show held March 22-24, 2013 in Asheville, North Carolina. The show was a joint effort between artistic director and principal dancer Mahsati Janan, principal dancers Lisa Zahiya and Teejei Brigham, and the BeBe Theater. We sold out every night! The goal of the show was to introduce people to many of the different styles that are a part of belly dance, from the folkloric roots to modern fusions.
  • Fabulous Fan Veilzz w/ Mahsati Janan
    Like I said before, this video is for those who are familiar with belly dance already. The fan veil is a new concept and performance skill , as well as a new prop in Middle Eastern dance.
  • Photos from Carnival of Stars 2012, Page 1: L-Z
    56 goergeous photos! ...Latifa, Linah, Lulu, LUna, Mahsati, Malia, MaShuqa, Melina, Migracia, Monica, Mystique, Maiya, Namira, Nancy, Nanna, Natika, Nisima, Nyla, Parri, Princess Farhana....
  • More Fans, More Veils…
    She includes a lot more ground information by using combinations, aptly named tables and turns, and the introduction to a lengthier fan veil that is 3 meters long instead of the standard 1.5 meters.

Contributor to the Belly Dance Reader Volumn 1