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Kimberley's Neck Injury

On January 17, '99,  while swimming in the ocean of Maui, HI, dancer KIMBERLEY FITZSIMMONS injured her spine, crushing two vertebrea in her neck, and nearly being paralyzed.  After being hospitalized and immobilized in a brace for one and a half months in Maui, she returned to her home in Marin County.  She underwent a successful surgery at UCSF Hospital to remove the two broken vertebrea pushing  against her spinal cord, to replace a vertebrae with a piece of bone from her own hip, and to fuse vertebreas C-4 through C-6. She is wearing a halo brace for three to four months following surgery and will wear another brace for another two months. Kimberley has been a dancer in Suhaila Salimpour's Suhaila Dance Company for the past three years, and was a regular dancer at Kasbah Restaurant in San Rafael for the past two years.  SUHAILA AND THE SUHAILA DANCE COMPANY with live musicians are presenting a benefit concert to raise funds to help cover spiraling medical expenses (currently aprox. $30,000)  for Kimberley, who did not have medical insurance. The
benefit will be on MAY 1 at CASABLANCA RESTAURANT in Albany (979 San Pablo Ave). Show time is 9:00 p.m. To purchase tickets or for information, please call (510) 526-4344.  Come enjoy Suhaila's awesome show, and support this cause! 

Kimberley will be writing an article about her experience to be posted in
The Gilded Serpent soon!
until then here is a letter updating us on her health...

Hi Lynette,
The new issue looks great! Thanks to all involved for the great work. I am not ready yet to write an article and don't want to keep you hanging.  I really hope to share something soon.  It may be a slice of what I wrote down during the past few months -- and the rest will be in dance form, at some point in the near future (I will feel it out). So, just wanted to keep in contact.  Suhaila said the show went
very well; standing room only, and a ton of good energy.  I'm so thankful and blessed! I am recovering well. 

I am SO GRATEFUL to enjoy this healthy body now!!! I am now in a colar brace for another 2 months. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out of the halo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am still going through some intense memory/death/fear stuff....I want to work with it and through it.  I know that these are fears due to my accident and what it has brought up for me. Intense, yet, an opportunity.

I would love to send my highest and most healing light, blessings and energy to Kartrina Rau.  If you can send her MUCHO HEALING LOVE from me that would be great.  I don't know her.  Her story shocked me.  Her strength and gracefulness with her situation has been a true teaching for my healing.  I hope and pray that her spirit is well.
I hope that you and your loved ones are well too. I only skimmed the new issue, will see more soon.  Thanks for the great work!!! If you want to change the end of the article to make Suhaila's performance in past tense that would be great.  Dancer/friend, Karen Andes, put together an amazing benefit for me with lots of incredible dancers on March 7th that raised almost $6,000! -of which was much needed, and helped me get by this past few months! Sherri Bryer and her troope Ala Nar and The Mystic East Dancers, Karen Andes, Baraka, Taheya, FatChance Belly Dance, Alnisa, Karasheba, Dhyanis, Gloria, and many more danced! I am so grateful for everyone's amazing spirit, support, and beautiful dances!!!  If you want to add that info. in too that would be great!
Thank you again, Lynette.
Much Love to You!!!


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