May 13, 1999

Katrina Rau of Oakland has recently added another front to her battle for good health. She has undergone surgery for a cancer, which she assures us, currently has a 90% cure rate.

We wish her well in the six to eight-week recuperation period that is estimated. She says to her friends and fellow Oriental Dance enthusiasts, "Any and all prayers will be gratefully accepted."

Katrina Rau became a professional dancer for a short time in the 80's and has been a recreational and creative dancer for many years since. She is known for her upbeat and often comic routines such as the infamous "Bag-lady Belly Dance" and the captivating "Bad-girl Harem Dancer."

If you, or anyone you love, has undergone surgery for colon cancer and can offer Katrina a comforting message, please send it to us at, and we will forward it to Katrina.


June 23, 1999
Re: Update on news of Katrina from Najia El-Mouzayen
Katrina is regaining strength after her harrowing experience with colon cancer surgery. She is in good spirits and is looking forward to a long-ago planned trip to California's Disneyland. The week of June 23, 1999 she begins a six-week round of chemotherapy, to be followed later in the year with six months of radiation therapy which, she emphasizes, will increase the cure-rate statistics from 40-something% to 60-65%. Please remember Katrina in your meditation or prayers as she is doing all in her power to remain positive and upbeat. She and her kitty, Percival, will be working from home on the computer as soon as possible.

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