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Shira.net has a wonderful directory to find a teacher or performer in your area.
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News Sources
"Free from the shackles of censorship and government control Aljazeera has offered its audiences in the Arab world much needed freedom of thought, independence, and room for debate. In the rest of the world, often dominated by the stereotypical thinking of news “heavyweights”, Aljazeera offers a different and a new perspective."

Al Bawaba
"Al Bawaba is the only international news agency that provides Middle East coverage from a local perspective, using citizens of the region to provide this unique insight, while diligently maintaining the highest international standards of impartial and professional journalism."

"Al-Ahram used to be described as "semi-official." I don't know what it is today. On the Arab-Israel conflict I disagree with pretty much all of what it writes (a source that insists that Tel Aviv is Israel's capital is hardly objective) but I have found it generally of interest. "

The Cairo Times
"The Cairo Times is publishing less often; its site says it is regrouping. It is English language, not an English version of an Arabic site, and like the Jerusalem Post, English speakers may find it of particular interest. "

The Jordan Times

News from Israel
"The link I would suggest is the Jerusalem Post. As Israel's English language daily it not only covers political issues but has culture, "life in Israel" type stories and the like which your readers might find interesting. The Hebrew language Yediot Ahranot ("Latest News") has an English website, as does the so-called prestige Israeli newpaper, Ha'Aretz ("The Land"). Ha'Aretz is sometimes referred to as the New York times of Israel, a sobriquet which people may or may not find complimentary."

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