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Virgin Megastore Grand Reopening

Jillina and the Sahlala Dancers

Issam Houshan
San Francisco, CA
Wednesday, December 3, 2003

photos and layout by Susie

Jillina, right, with the Sahlala Dancers on the first floor stage of the SF Virgin Megastore
Bystanders enjoy the show.

This performance was part of the Virgin Megastore's grand re-opening event to showcase the new lifestyle and music zones within their store. Floor Three includes a Zone called "Virgin Mind, Body & Spirit, dedicated to the exploration of mind, body, spirit & self-help.

In addition to featuring Jillina's new 3-DVD boxed set, this section now sells bellydance merchandise, including hip scarves, hip wraps and special bellydance t-shirts to its merchandise line.


Jillina and Issam Houshan connect during the more intimate show opening on the 3rd Floor "Mind, Body and Spirit" Zone.

In the audience were, left to right, Linda Grondahl, Amina and Linda's mother-in-law.
A heavily publicized event.

Miles Copeland (center), Producer of the Superstars of Bellydance, center.

Part 2 of this photo spread coming soon!

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