Zahra Zuhair
Los Angeles, CA
Rakkasah Instructor

Rakkasah Festival
Saturday, March 22, 2003
by Susie Poulelis

...keep checking for more to come...

Tempe, AZ

Rakkasah Teachers
led by Jazille, left

Arcata, CA

Seattle, Wasington


Kamal Moustafa and Alexandria
Egypt and Tucson, AZ
Berkeley, CA

Bal Anat
Jamilla & Suhaila Salimpour
Berkeley, CA

Rakassah Teachers

Margo Abdo O'Dell
Minneapolis, MN
Rakkasah Teacher



Natica's Peotic Dance Theatre Co.
Natica Angilly

San Francisco, CA
Ma'Shuqa Mira Murjan
Los Gatos, CA

Rakkasah Teacher
North Hills, CA
Alameda, CA




Mountain View, CA
Hollywood, CA
Oriental Mue
Yasuka Otani
Tokyo, Japan











Troupe Dhyanis
Mill Valley, CA

led by Dhyanis, below right and bottom center

San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA
Directed by John Compton, below
Elena Lentini
New York, NY
Rakkasah Teacher
Reno, NV

Ready for more?
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Curious to learn if women were drawn to stripping for some of the same reasons they are drawn to bellydance...

4-14-03 Act Your Age? Notes from a Middle Aged Belly Dancer by Karen Andes
But sometimes, dancing near a gorgeous young dancer, I wonder how long I’ll feel comfortable performing.

4-14-03 Why Belly Dancers are Natural Snowboarders by Lauren Traub
OK, it sounds strange. But If you’ve enjoyed dancing Oriental you probably already have a lot of the skills needed to snowboard.

3-12-03 Belly Dancer of the Universe Competition 2003 Photo Report by Lynette
Sponsored by Tonya & Atlantis and held in Long Beach, California. Finalists are expected to be able to improvise spontanious choreography! .


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