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The Gilded Serpent presents...
A review of "Style File,
A Visual Vocabulary of Middle Eastern Dance Costume"
By Dawn Devine Brown and Barry Brown

book review by Aziza!

Dawn has written three informative and valuable books on costuming for the Middle Eastern dancer,"Costuming from the Hip," "From Turban to Toe Ring" and "Bedlah, Baubles and Beads," and has now moved on to a series of short booklets, including, "Skirting the Issues and "Pants for the Dance", addressing various basic aspects of the costume.

In this, her latest booklet, Dawn has created a handy reference guide to the main costuming trends in Middle Eastern dance today. She identifies such styles as Gypsy Fusion, American Tribal and Beladi, providing both simple descriptions and charming drawings. Dancers can get ideas from this booklet to expand on their favored style of costuming.

The lists of resources and references at the end of the book provide sources for further research for the interested dancer. This small book is a worthwhile purchase for those who would clarify and simplify their vision of Middle Eastern dance costuming styles.

Dawn/Davina is also a contributing writer for Gilded Serpent and publishes her own quarterly costuming e-zine "Costumer's Notes." For more information of Davina's books see her web site at:

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