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The Photography of Cynthia F. Cushman
Beginning with her first trip to Europe at the age of 7, Cynthia Cushman has been intrigued by the quest to capture the fleeting moments of beauty that grace our everyday lives. For many years, via photography, and now also with the pen, she purses memories of food markets, nature in it’s quiet glory, architectural delights, and people who add color and character to a journey whether to Paris, a local festival, or the garden around the corner.

A native Midwesterner, she attended college in Arizona, earning a degree in Art History, and subsequently received a degree in Photography from Brookes Institute in Santa Barbara. A belly dancer for 10 years, she performed with Troupe Dhyanis for many seasons, and was riveted by the swirl of music, color and excitement at the annual Rakkasah festival, in RIchmond, California, during which these photos were taken.

Leila Haddad, Dalia Carella, Momo Kadous, Suzanna Del Vecchio

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