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Gilded Serpent reports...
From Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The International Bellydance Conference of Canada
by Gilded Serpent Staff
including Masouma Rose, Shira, and Lynette Harris

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Day 1 - Wednesday April 23, 2008, "Remix 2007"
The stars of last year's festival are brought back to shine one more time and prepare us for a very full week to come.
A new version of this clip will be posted soon, including the names of the artists and hopefully less distortion. Watch for a link change. Enjoy! Until then, here is what is included in this clip.
Shira reports from event. Little girl in glasses is Sofia Ben Sussi, Serena Kerbes from Red Deer, Alberta, the troupe in red dancing to Sheek Shak Shook and malea leff troupe are both Rhythm Of The Nile from Toronto, dancer in dark with lighted bolo balls is Anita of Dance Poi, the cane dancer is Mayada of Toronto, who is very pregnant with her first child, duet is usually a trio- Shades Of Araby- Valizan and Sofia, Rayna of NY in sea green mermaid costume, Rahma doing fabulous belly rolls and flutters, troupe in shinny black straight skirts, an excited Yasmina at the mike, and Masouma Rose getting Mayyadah and Amir's reaction to the show, Andy the property manager for the Hungarian Center gives his assessment.

Hopefully we will have a report each day this week. See you tomorrow!
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Day 2-Thursday, Daytime Activities
Introduced by Ferda Bayazit and Lynette Harper. Glimpse of Aida Nour and Tito teaching.

Day 2-Thursday Evening- Main Stage
The Main Stage show on Thursday night. Gilded Serpent was present only for the second half. The performers included:Roula Said's Roulettes M2,
Jaida of New York, Ozgen of Turkey and the UK, Ivanka of Panama, The amazing Asha of Atlanta and the troupe, Goddess Bellydance of Korea.

Day 3-Friday Daytime Activities
Reporting today are Roula Said, Mark Balahadia, and Ranya Renee.
Video glimpses included: Tito, Bozenka, Ferda, Lynette Harper, Ranya Renee, Mark Balahadia, Roula Said, Stavros, The "Man Panel," plus more


Day 3- Friday evening show
This video clip is a collage from the Main Stage show on Friday night.
Performers included: Banat el Sharq, Ishra (we missed her- sorry!), Suha, Mark Balahadia, Nouvel Expose', Mariyah, Dominique,
edVenture Arts, Dr Sawa, Danielle, Maqamaikaze, Jim Boz, Leah & Lynette Harper, Sefirah,
and Arabian Allspice


Day 4-Saturday Daytime Activities
Reporting today are Andrea Deagon and Rahma Haddad
Glimpses include: Bozenka's class, Aida Nour's class, Amy Sigil's Class, Panel on Teaching Standards, and Aisha Ali's lecture


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