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Fill-'Er Up!
by Alyson

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10-25-04 The First (and definately not the last!) Tribal Cafe! by Tempest
It was the first all tribal belly dance event sponsored by MECDA IE and took place on August 21st, 2004 in Montclair, California.

10-14-04 Undercover Belly Dancer in Iraq by Meena
My name is Meena. Until a month ago, I was a professional belly dancer in Phoenix, Arizona.

10-11-04 Art, Activism & Magic: Krissy Keefer In Her Own Words by Debbie Lammam
...women dancers are not expected to think and speak.

10-10-04 BELLYPALOOZA! Goddess Power Comes to Baltimore by Elaine
This ancient art could successfully incorporate modern styles and music while still getting the same feminine empowering message across.

10-9-04 Belly Dancing in Las Vegas- Part 2 by Neferteri
Who are those good looking and talented men behind the dancers?

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