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Gilded Serpent presents...
The Ramzy Tour
of 2003

[Ed- These photos are just too intriguing to let languish on my desk any longer! They were sent to Gilded Serpent by the Ramzys last winter. GS does not have enough information on each of them to give sufficient introduction or story line. We need your help! The information that is here was taken from file names and emails from the wonderful folks who were able to get back to us. Please, send what names you know or comments, and we will add them below. Please be specific about which picture your information should caption and include your name so we can give you credit. Thanks! -Editor Lynette]

In Brazil
Dunia, Hossam, Serena
[What event was this?]

Brisbane, Australia


Thanks to Azziza for sending this note --"The photo entitled Barcaldin is actually a very small country town in Central Western Queensland. Hossam and Omar Faruk Tekbilek went out to Barcaldine as a part of the Brisbane Festival. It takes 11 hours to drive out to Barcaldine - I know I have done it a number of times when I was teaching out there. As far as I can tell the other musicans with Hossam and Omar are from a Sydney percussion group called Synergy. The concert in Brisbane was magic. Hope this helps."
Azziza L'Azziza, Maria Masselos, Brisbane, Australia
Sponsor for Hossam and Serena coming to Brisbane 22 - 25 October 2004.

at dawn


? ? ? Hossam, Omar Farouk

who's testifying to Omar?

Phil who?

Hossam with Aly
[Who are these fine musicians? What's the story here? ]

Hossam and his son, Amir, before concert
MaryBorough, Australia
1 - 5 August 2003

Percussion Workshop, participants are...?
Samiya tell us-" The group with Hossam and some of the Nomadic Soul Drummers of Queensland. They are a huge, very successful group of Middle Eastern percussionists who are in much demand on the east side of Australia. From left to right pictured with Hossam are..Abbie, Denis, Bob, Malcolm Settree, Geoff.

Dancers attending workshop?
Per Samiya-"From left (whom I can remember!).. Front row: Helene (Havena Bellydance teacher), Belladonna (teacher from Byron Bay, NSW), Sonia (Flaming Sands student), The gorgeous Serena Ramzy, Faryha (teacher, Faryha Raqs Sharqi), Danni (Faryha Raqs Sharqi student). Others are (Top back left) Samiya, (teacher/director Flaming Sands Academy of Middle Eastern Dance).
Second back row: Karen, Bronwyn, unknown, Carol (students of Faryha Raqs Sharqi)
Second front row: 2 teachers of the Ghawazee Dancers in Gladstone Qld on the left and unknown on the right...could be Jill Byrnes

Michelle and Michael Hughes,

Samiya tell us-"These are the people who opened their home and hearts to Hossam, Serena and Amir providing them with a beautiful furnished unit downstairs in their two storey home. Michele is a friend of mine and used to bellydance as well as design and import costumes or varying genres. Michele recently opened a fabric and specialist designs shop, Fantasy Fabrics in Kent St Maryborough Qld."

A Hippie in Perth (or is he doing hip hop in rastas?)
Wellington, New Zealand
15 - 19 August 2003

Serena Ramzy inspires

How'd she do that?

Partners Teach

Important Point

Still Smiling

It all fits!

Hossam and Annabelle
[ed-who's the guy in the painting?]

Glen Keith

Percussion Workshop Closeup of who?
Below info added 10-20-08 from Brigid Kelly. Thanks Brigid!
Back row (l-r) Eva Mason, ?, Hossam, Alan Burden, Leigh Savage (I *think*), Glen Keith (not the younger man above, the balding man below), ?
Centre row: ?, Gretchen Howard, Liz Irvine (black shirt just below and right of Hossam), ????
Front row: person on far right is Beverley Dowling.

Standing Back

Amused Audience

These photos should have the caption
Wellington August 2003 'Egyptian Odyssey Concert'

The photos of Hossam with raised eyebrow was when he was joking with the audience over their ability or lack-of to clap in time... you had to be there!
--Glen Keith

London, England

Saturday 27th - Sunday 28th September 2003

The London Group

one, two, three, FOUR!

Nikki Brown, ?, Isobel Sarkisian

Where'd she go?

Wai Ching with Lubna, Arriane & Alison.
(Thanks, Serene!)
In Singapore
4 - 7 July 2003
(previous article on Ramzys in Singapore here)

Serene Lim writes to GS the following email:
"The Workshops entitled " THE ART OF ORIENTAL DANCE" & Concert "AN EVENING OF EGYPTIAN RHYTHM & MUSIC" with Hossam & Serena Ramzy were certainly a welcome unqualified success with the cloud of SARS still hovering over Singapore. For the concert, there were a total of 11 items performed by the different dance schools/ independant dancers in Singapore . (Ages 11 to past 50). Whilst about forty participants (some from Malaysia) attended the Workshops & boy, was it a "Total Experience" !

As for Singapore, where Belly dancing is still pretty much in its infancy relative to other parts of the world, this was indeed an enriching experience which was well-received all around."

Serene Lim organizing

The photos of the 2 ladies, are from Alhambra Middle-East Dance School Singapore. Names?
Note from Bryan- "The Caucasian girl is non other than Keta, my esteem colleague and partner, now currently the Artistic Director of Goddess Belly Dancing. That photo was taken quite a while ago.  The other girl is called Rani."

Seafood Market in Singapore

In Tibet?
One more photo in Brazil

unspoken communication
Rumor has it the Ramzy's new DVD will be out November of 2004!

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