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The Gilded Serpent presents...
Belly Dance Comics tm
A Sour Note
by Alison McKellar

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Ready for more?
8-2-04 A Whole Latte' Shaking Going On, Belly Dance Comics by Alexandria
"Ok, I think we can stop now!"
4-26-04 Class War-fair? Belly Dance Comics tm by Alexandria
"I sprang from the forehead of Isis!"
2-29-04 You've Got Mail! Belly Dance Comics tm by Alexandria
Female Clones from Zayda III are being killed and robbed of their family jewelry!

9-17-04 Dancing in Salt Lake City in the '70s- The Athenian by Kalifa
I told her I wasn’t looking for a husband, but she wanted me to meet him anyway, so I did.

9-17-04 A Rug Story by Justine
Rug stores are interesting, the salesman know an amazing information about rugs. Rug men tend to be well educated and full of interesting conversation.

9-16-04 Kismet's Utah's 24th Annual Bellydance Festival, August 2004, photo report by Aziza!
There were more than 500 dancers performing, there were vendors, live bands, and dance, drum and costume clinics to attend.



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