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Sashar Zarif
Raqia Hassan Interview
Cairo Streets in 1991 - 3 videos
Rachel Brice
Interview with Princess Farhana and Surreyya
Natalie Becker of Russia
Asmahan of London talks about the Arabic clubs in London
Katalin Schafer interview
Nawarra of Morocco and the UK
Simona Minisini of Italy
Ali of Turquoise talks with MaShuqa
Charlotte of South Africa
Hakima of Morocco
Ahmet Ogren of Istanbul
Testimonials regarding the Cairo Revolution- Sahra, Dahlal, Barbara, Shadi
Selena Kareena of New Mexico
MaShuqa interviews Eva Cernik
Lotus Niraja and her neice Sehar
Rowan Storm gives advice to female musicians
Zoi of Japan
Shereen of Praque, BDUC 2009
Maryam of Tiajuana, BDUC 2009
Jackknife Ruby applies makeup on Bahaia
Mireya of Puerto Rico, BDUC 2009
Rahma Haddad introduces her article
Robyn Friend on Persian dance and culture.
Bozenka interviewed in 2008 at IBCC


Links to groups of GS videos not embedded in this page.

10-2012 Interview with Kajira and Chuck, Parts 1-6, Cultural Appropriation or Artistic Freedom?

5-1-12 IBCC video reports by GS Staff, 10 videos including Yasmina Explaining why Khairiyya Mazin didn't come.

Gigbag Checks 46!

6-2011 Serpent Tour 2011 to London, Madrid, and Marrakech, London community events- Jo Wise and others, Flamenco Jazz in Madrid, Ilhaam's class, Simona's Med Fest events in Marrakech, shopping with Asmahan, Morgana or Madrid's goth event, Galit in Brighton, Hossam Ramzy, Charlottes's classes and BD development in UK



Sashar Zarif

Sashar Zarif video collage from IBCC, illustration for DaVid's feature on Sashar.


Raqia Hassan

Raqia Hassan Interview done in July 2012,
embedded in the Community Kaleidoscope


Cairo Streets in 1991


The Way to Mahmoud's in 1991- Cairo street footage

Buying the Snake dancer Tapestry in Cairo 1991- more street footage


Rachel Brice


Rachel Brice interview backstage at the Marin Civi Auditorium


Princess Farhana and Surreyya



Interview with Natalie Becker of St Petersburg Russia

Asmahan gives tour of previous London club locations

Interview with Nawarra of Manchester UK, Moroccan dancer

Simona Minisini of Italy

Katalin Schafer of Hungary

Ali of Turquoise talk with MaShuqa

Charlotte of South Africa

Hakima of Morocco

Ahmet Ogren of Istanbul

Shopping with Asmahan and Anna in Marrakech



Sahra and Roxxanne regarding the Cairo revolutions in Jan 2011

Shadi of Diamond Pyramid tells of the Cairo Revolution of 2011

Dahlal and Tim interviewed by MaShuqa regarding biz in Cairo since Revolution of 2011

Barbara tells of attending the Nile Fest close to the Cairo Revolution 2011

Selena Kareena of NM interviewed

Eva Cernik Interview part 1

Sehar and Lotus Niraja

Rowan Storms advice to female musicians

Zoi of Japan

Shereen of Prague at BDUC 2009

Maryam of Tiajuana BDUC 2009

Jackknife Ruby making up on Bahaia

Mireya of Puerto Rico at BDUC 2009

Rahma Haddad introduces her article

Robyn Friend on Persian dance and culture

Bozenka interviewed in 2008 at IBCC


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