The Gilded Serpent presents...


I started Belly Dancing when I was 16 years old. My first teacher was Rhea and after she moved to Greece I studied under Aida. I worked for years with my dance partner Adah. We performed at every restaurant in the Bay Area and worked for years at Zorba's in San Jose, California. We also performed at thousands of private parties. We kiddingly said we were "The only 2 woman Belly Dance Team in the Known Universe." We always danced together. Now I do children's parties, face paint, I do walk around characters at corporate events (I have over 30 different costumes) I also perform with a male partner in the band David Martin's House Party. The band has a song list of over 400 songs from 40's swing, 60's Beatles, 70's disco to 90's millennium hits. We change our costumes and dance numbers to fit the music through out the show. We do about 8 costumes changes. The 10 piece band is popular in the Corporate circuit and we travel all over the world doing parties. I also work as a booking agent as well.

My first love is still Belly dance. I still perform but now mostly as a solo act. I've never found a form of dance that moves me the way Middle Eastern dance does. I hope to continue performing for many more years.