Tracey Farmer

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Tracey Farmer

I fell in love with this dance from my very first lesson almost 11 years ago. I was just looking for something to do - looked in my local parks and recreation magazine. found Polynesian dance, but it was too early in the day. I turned the page and it said Middle Eastern dance or Belly dance. I thought, why not, and the rest is history.

I've had the privelege of taking from good instructors who wanted me to learn the dance right. I started off with American cabaret. Which I am grateful for because I learned the fundamentals of a full routine, relating to your audience, stage make up, etiquette and zill playing all together. This love eventually evolved into my love for all things Egyptian and North African.

One of my dreams, besides getting married to a wonderful guy and having 3 children, is to own my Middle Eastern nightclub. gone will be the days women would have to deal with sleazy nigthclub owners, politics, having a certain 'look', giving the house a portion of the tips, no dressing room, etc. Why? Because I know how to deal with people and I know how they should be treated and totally believe in paying people what they're worth.

Working towards that dream as we speak....

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