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Although I love the music and dance of my country, Brazil, I’ve always felt attracted to Middle Eastern culture, especially its music and dance. Since I started attending classes here in my city, São José dos Campos-SP, four years ago, I fell in love with it ... almost an obssession. Presently, I go to São Paulo city every Saturday to attend folkloric classes. After that, I go to another city, Osasco, to attend raks sharki classes and give classes for beginners.

Strangely enough, this is not my profession ... I guess, was not ... well, I’m not sure anymore, anyway, I’m involved with many different activities related to belly dance. I’m part of a dance group called Ya Habibti formed by friends from different backgrounds. Also, I teach some students at home and I also teach at CDI, a school near my house. I perform for my teacher, Shahrazad, representing her and I am in a campaign for the publication of her book. At my folkloric class at Casa Brasil-Egito I was invited to participate at their troupe ... of course, I accepted!

In the end , I’m just the regular student of this enchanting dance. There is nothing I can do other than answer this call. Maktub.

If you would like any more information about Brazilian belly dance please email me.

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